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Creator DMX 1024 Controller

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• Control 96 fixtures up to 40 channels each (1024 channels)
• 60 Scenes/Chases
• Each chase can store 600 steps
• Easy to use Shape generator
• Intelligent jogwheels

The Creator 1024 can control up to 96 fixtures.
It is easy to setup due to USB library files which you can download directly on our website, but also you can make the library files with the Personality Builder.
The Creator comes with built-in shape effects of pan/tilt circle, RGB rainbow, beam dimming waves, etc.
10 scenes and 5 built-in shapes can be output simultaneously.
Faders can be used to output scenes and adjust the intensity of the dimmer channels in the scenes.


DMX channel: 1024
Fixtures: 96
Channels for each fixture: 40
Chases: 60
Chase to run simultaneously: 10
Chase step: 600
Time control of scenes: Fade in/out, LTP slope
Shapes for each scene: 5
Shape generator: Shapes of Dimmer, Pan/Tilt, RGB, CMY,
Color, Gobo, Iris and Focus
Shapes to run simultaneously: 5
Master fader: Global, playback, fixture
Library can store up to 32 Fixtures
Library R20 library supported
USB Memory FAT32 supported
Dimensions: 483 x 398 x 105 mm (LxWxH)
Display language: EN/FR/DE
Weight: 7,9 kg